System Reqs

In order to complete online course work, students will need internet access. Any computer, including but not limited to PC, or Mac, will support online learning. A student can have a desktop or laptop.  Any student who has Internet access on a computer will be able to work.  A student can also work from a public library, coffee shop, or other place of business with access to Wi-Fi.  Almost any contemporary internet connection will be more than sufficient for bandwidth.

Internet connection bandwidth minimum 1Mbps broadband connection


  • Laptop or PC
    • 2GB ram minimum
    • Screen with a minimum width of 1024
  • Audio/Mic
    • Computer speakers and a microphone or
    • Headphones with integrated mic
  • Printer – Useful but not required


  • Operating System
    • Microsoft Windows 7.0 or higher
    • Apple Macintosh OS 10.7 or higher
    • NOT SUPPORTED – Linux, iPads, Tablets, or Android devises. These systems may work to varying degrees but are not currently supported. They can however, be used by the student if they are able to successfully connect and complete their coursework.
  • Google Chrome Browser (free download) with 3rd Party Cookies enabled
    • IntelliSchool makes use of GoToMeeting to connect with students. GoToMeeting will not require an install when accessed through the Chrome browser.
    • From time to time students may need to be able to view pdf documents. Google Chrome is also a pdf viewer.
  • Word Processor, Presentation, and Spreadsheet
    • Microsoft Office
    • Open Office (free)
    • Google Docs (free)