PV Contacts

Jason Swingler
Hi. My name is Jason Swingler, and I have been teaching at IntelliSchool Paradise Valley for the last 16 years. I have served as the principal for the last seven years. These years have been very fulfilling to me as I have had the awesome opportunity and good fortune to help students achieve both their academic and life goals. Sometimes, students feel like the doors to education are closed to them. I feel at my best when I can help students realize that they have the ability to obtain a high school diploma. In fact, watching the PV students walk across the stage at our graduation ceremony at the end of the school year is what I look forward to the most. Over the years, our IntelliSchool graduates have gone on to build amazing lives which has given me a great sense of accomplishment. When I am not being principal, I also enjoy winning tennis matches, hiking, reading, running marathons, and spending time with my kids.

phone – (602) 564-7285
email – jswingler@intellischool.org

Val Morales
Hello! My name is Valeria, best known as Val. I am the secretary for the Paradise Valley location and this is my fourth school year at Intelli. My daily role consists of greeting visitors and assisting students, parents and staff. When the opportunity arises, I enjoy helping students with their courses. I’m also bilingual and the go-to person when Spanish is needed. I’m very fond of the ‘little things’ for they really are the greatest. I enjoy quality family time and some good old, alone time. These past couple of years have been a challenge for us all. We appreciate all the support and understanding from our IntelliSchool community as we’re making our way back to normalcy.

phone – (602) 564-7280
email – vmorales@intellischool.org

Monique Loubert
My name is Monique Loubert and this is my first year being the School Counselor here at IntelliSchool in Paradise Valley. I have an extensive background in behavioral health and have been working with high school students for over 5 years. I live by the motto: “We are not born for ourselves, but to help others.” I love helping students reach their full potential and help them towards their goals. Outside of school, I’m always out in nature camping, rock climbing, hiking or making memories with my friends.

phone – (602) 564-7280
email – mloubert@intellischool.org

Talia McDermott
I am an English Language Arts teacher who has worked at IntelliSchool for four years. I work hard to develop students’ love, interest, and skills when it comes to reading and writing. I firmly believe no two students are alike and make it a point to ensure student interests are met. My life goal is to ensure our students become lifelong learners and have the skills to analyze the world around them. When not teaching, I am hanging out with my cats and playing video games. My down to earth nature and relatability helps students to meet and achieve their goals.

phone – (602) 564-7280
email – tmcdermott@intellischool.org

Kelley McKay
Hello, my name is Kelley McKay. I am the Special Education teacher at the PV campus. I have worked for IntelliSchool since 2015. I taught English for a couple of years before transitioning to SpEd. I am originally from southern Indiana. I moved to AZ in 2012. Teaching has been both a wonderful and transformative experience. IntelliSchool students are incredible – they impress me and make me laugh too hard on a daily basis. When I’m not teaching, reading, and hanging out with my dog I enjoy gardening and watching movies, too much YouTube, thrifting, and listening to records.

phone – (602) 564-7280
email – kmckay@intellischool.org

Joshua Orem
Hello! I am Joshua the math teacher at IntelliSchool PV. Just a couple of tidbits about little ole me are I love that all math has answers, all Arizona sports teams, and color, the best, of course, being purple! I know that math is a difficult subject filled with numbers and letters, lines and shapes. However, just because something is hard doesn’t mean it can’t be done. I really do love helping people understand something that may be tripping them up, and being a math teacher gives me the opportunity to do that almost every day! If you need help just let me know and we can overcome the obstacle together!

phone – (602) 564-7280
email – jorem@intellischool.org