IntelliSchool Online

Welcome to the IntelliSchool online portal.

IntelliSchool staff is available to students from 8am to 8pm, Monday through Friday. Students can access teacher, counselor, or administrative supports through phone calls, texts, or face to face instruction with Zoom or Google Meets. Students are encouraged to log in or call in every day to work on classes or receive support with whatever they may need.

IntelliSchool’s distance learning curriculum suite contains all subjects and is aligned to state standards, featuring direct instruction, discussion groups, engaging videos, review, intervention, assessment, and independent practice. Staff and parents can see what a student is working on in real time, and we encourage parents to be involved to help motivate students whenever possible.

IntelliSchool counselors are available to support students with whatever they may require. That can include one on one discussions or group support. Counselors can help with motivation, anxiety, depression, or anything else that students may face while working towards their graduation goal. Counselors are also happy to help with transition plans for the next step after graduation, whatever that may be.

SchoolsPLP – Classwork (LMS)
ATI / Galileo – for Pretests, Midterms, Finals, and interventions
TurnItIn – for turning in writing assignments and avoiding plagiarism
Zoom – for chat, video & audio conferencing

Coming soon for online students
Gmail – Secure student email
Google Docs – Secure document authoring and sharing
Google Dashboard – All your Google apps in one place