Why IntelliSchool

IntelliSchool vs. Traditional Schools

Traditional high school isn’t for everyone, and at IntelliSchool we think that’s OK. In fact, it’s one of the reasons we’re here. IntelliSchool is a public charter high school with four convenient locations in the Phoenix Metro area. At IntelliSchool we recognize a traditional high school experience isn’t necessarily the best experience. We also recognize it shouldn’t be your only option. If you agree, learn more about how we’ve designed our schools because everything we do – the way we teach, the way we structure the day, and the way we tailor curriculum – is done to help our students achieve their academic goals.
Here are some of the things that make us different:

Four-Hour School Days and Flexible Scheduling

For working students or those that are supporting families, a seven or eight-hour school day can be too much. As a public charter high school, we offer a school day that is four hours long. You pick from one of three daily sessions. Each of our campuses has a morning, afternoon and evening session. You choose the one that works best for you. Even better? You don’t have to attend the same session every day of the week. If the morning session works best on Monday and Wednesday, and the evening session is what you need for Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, that’s fine. You can also take advantage of a hybrid online schedule where you work some days in the building and other days online from home. This option, like our fully online option, also allows students to work at night or over the weekends. The classes and the support are there either way.

Customized Academics and Self-Paced

Not all students learn the same way. This is a fact of life and one we understand at IntelliSchool. Our students come from a variety of backgrounds and circumstances, and it’s our goal to help each one achieve academic success. This means we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we assess our students and create academic plans that make sense for every individual. We also allow students to work faster or slower, depending on their needs and goals. COVID-19 has left many students behind on credits or on mastering concepts. Our self-paced, flexible approach will assure students can catch up and move ahead.

Computer-Based and Supportive

Part of what allows us to customize our curriculum is that we have a computer-based learning environment, which means students work independently and at their own pace. But we don’t only offer computer-based learning, we also have direct instruction classes. Some students need this traditional classroom setting for some subjects, but not for others. These classes are teacher led and can be attended in person or online. Either way, IntelliSchool provides daily interaction with our principals, teachers, counselors, tutors and interns to support students one-on-one or in group settings.

Safe and Comfortable Environment

At IntelliSchool, it is very important our students feel comfortable and safe in school. We have a zero-tolerance policy on bullying. In fact, we tell incoming students that if they are interested in traditional high school drama, they are at the wrong high school. Creating a safe learning environment is one of our top priorities, and our staff does this by building relationships with students founded in respect.

Open Enrollment Year-Round

We have a year-round open enrollment policy. Students can enroll at any time and for any reason. If you are looking to get caught up on credits, consider IntelliSchool. If you’re interested in graduating early, consider IntelliSchool. If you’re looking for a change from a traditional high school environment for any reason, consider IntelliSchool. We’re an alternative high school choice for you any day of the year.

At IntelliSchool, we think differently about high school. If you are looking for a different high school experience, pre-enroll with us today. Not ready to pre-enroll? Learn more about our registration requirements or our campuses.