PV Contacts

Jason Swingler
My name is Jason Swingler. I have been working at IntelliSchool Paradise Valley for the last 15 years. I have served as the Language Arts teacher, Math teacher, and have now been the principal for the past 5 years. During this time it has been my honor to serve students and help them achieve their goals, despite the unique challenges they face. Watching my students graduate every year is what I look forward to the most. Over the years, my greatest joy has been seeing our Intelli alumni go on to build amazing lives. Although being principal at IntelliSchool is one of my greatest sources of pride, I also enjoy winning tennis matches, hiking, reading, running marathons, and spending time with my kids.

phone – 480-648-4656
email – jswingler@intellischool.org

Val Morales
Hello! My name is Valeria Morales, best known as Val. I am the secretary for the Paradise Valley location and this is my second school year here at Intelli. My daily role consists of greeting visitors and assisting new enrollees, students, parents and staff. When the opportunity arises, I enjoy helping students with their courses. I’m also bilingual and the go-to person when Spanish is needed. I enjoy spending time with family, catching up with friends and doing arts and crafts.

phone – 480-744-9621
email – vmorales@intellischool.org

Caleb Rodgers
My name is Caleb Rodgers and this is my first year as a counselor at IntelliSchool. I have experience working with students and adults in schools and medical settings. I strive to help each student identify their unique goals and reach their potential. When connecting with students I aim to instill my passion of education and personal growth. My interests include spending time with family and friends, reading, mountain biking, hiking, music, board games, and video games.

phone – 702-850-0891
email – crodgers@intellischool.org

Talia McDermott
Talia McDermott is an English Language Arts teacher who has worked at IntelliSchool for two years. She works hard to develop students love, interest, and skill when it comes to reading and writing. She firmly believes no two students are alike and makes it a point to ensure student interests are met. Her life goal is to ensure her students become lifelong learners and have the skills to analyze the world around them. When she’s not teaching, she’s hanging out with her cats and playing video games. Her down to earth nature and relatability to her students allows for her students to meet and achieve their goals.

phone – 480-420-7202
email – tmcdermott@intellischool.org

Kelley McKay
Hello, my name is Kelley McKay. I am the Special Education teacher at the PV campus. I have worked for IntelliSchool since 2015. I taught English at the Glendale campus for a couple of years before transitioning to SpEd. I am originally from southern Indiana. We moved to AZ in 2012. Teaching has been both a wonderful and transformative experience. IntelliSchool students are incredible – they impress me and make me laugh too hard on a daily basis. When I’m not teaching, reading, and hanging out with my two dogs, cat, and a fish, I enjoy gardening and watching programs about gardening.

phone – 602-492-5478
email – kmckay@intellischool.org

Joshua Orem
This is Joshua Orem the Math teacher at PV IntelliSchool. I have loved math ever since I was a little boy, because they is always an answer. It may take several steps to get to the answer, but I know if I work hard and follow the numbers, it will eventually lead to the solution! I am a Graduate of Grand Canyon University, with a degree in Secondary Education. When I am not teaching math I still love to do things that involve numbers. From sports to board games, I love to work with numbers, logic, and problem solving. I like to see every day is a new opportunity to grow!

phone – 480-648-4379
email – jorem@intellischool.org