Metro Contacts

Houssein Jabbar
My name is Mr. Houssein Jabbar and I am the principal at IntelliSchool Glendale. This is my
second year with IntelliSchool and I am blessed to be part of such an amazing school and an even more amazing team at IntelliSchool Glendale. Prior to becoming a principal at IntelliSchool, I taught History and Economics. Education is my passion, nothing means more to me than helping our students get ready for the real world. When I am not a principal at IntelliSchool, I am a dad to two amazing girls named Jasmine and Julianna. I am also an avid Funko Pop Collector with over 2,000 pieces in my collection!

phone – 480-648-4183
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Mary Marquez
Hello Parents, Guardians and Students: My name is Mary Marquez. I am the secretary at the Metro IntelliSchool Campus. I am in my 4th year with IntelliSchool and it has been interesting and very rewarding. I am not a teacher but I feel I contribute to our students, parents and staff! I have 2 granddaughters who attend the PV site, 2 Miniature Yorkies, great grand puppies (they are 3 1/2 years old), and a 10 year old chocolate Labrador, she is my grand dog! My absolute fun fact is my girls, my granddaughters and I LOVE to go to Disneyland!!!

phone – 480-744-9541
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Nick Tadin
Hello, my name is Nick Tadin, Lead Counselor at IntelliSchool. I have been with Intelli for almost 6 years now and have loved every minute of it. I have experience working with students in classrooms as well as society, which has helped me understand the process of intervention, crisis prevention, academic advisement, and career development. Also, my education in counseling and psychology has allowed me to learn the nuances of people while providing me with excellent interpersonal / communication skills, and the ability to work with a diverse population of students, faculty, staff, and parents. Fun fact: I am weird, but weird is the new cool. I am forced to be an Apple enthusiast because of my 7 year old son.
#weirdiscool #nerdsrule

phone – 602-726-5921
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Isaac Barrio
My name is Isaac Barrio and I’m the current resource teacher at Metro IntelliSchool. I have been with IntelliSchool 13 years and I love the environment and flexibility we provide for our students. Overall I have 24 years’ experience and can help with any academic or transition area. I enjoy sports, billiards, and collection sports memorabilia.

phone – 480-420-6320
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Whitney Noble
Hi! My name is Whitney Noble and I am an ELA teacher at IntelliSchool – Metro campus. This is my first year at Intellischool, and it has been a great experience. I come from a military background as well as working in elementary schools for 5 years. IntelliSchool is a wonderful place where students are taken care of not only academically, but socially, emotionally and mentally which not every school offers or provides. To be part of such an amazing, supporting team makes me proud of my profession and service.

phone – 775-235-8771
email –

Jim Buckley
I am Jim Buckley, the Math teacher at IntelliSchool Glendale. I have been teaching for about 20 years and this is my fourth year at IntelliSchool. I really love what we can do for the students here, setting up a program to help them graduate. As you might expect. I like Math, but I also like all the other subjects and am interested in learning almost anything. What I really love is to read; even though I have hundreds of books in my house, I usually also have a dozen or so checked out from the library.

phone – 602-935-6289
email –