Glendale Contacts

Houssein Jabbar
My name is Mr. Houssein Jabbar and I am the principal at IntelliSchool Glendale. This is my first year with IntelliSchool and I am blessed to be part of such an amazing school and an even more amazing team at IntelliSchool Glendale. Prior to becoming a principal at IntelliSchool, I taught History and Economics. Education is my passion, nothing means more to me than helping our students get ready for the real world. When I am not a principal at IntelliSchool, I am a dad to two amazing girls named Jasmine and Julianna. I am also an avid Funko Pop Collector with over 2,000 pieces in my collection!

phone – 480-648-4183
email –

Ana Aguilera

phone – 480-744-9215
email –

Tasha Messina
My name is Tasha Messina and I am the school counselor at the IntelliSchool Glendale location. This is my second year with IntelliSchool and I really enjoy the students, staff, and atmosphere of our community. I have been working with students and adolescents for over 15 years in various settings. I have worked as a teacher, tutor, mentor, group facilitator, and mental health therapist in schools and behavioral health settings. At Intelli, I work with the students to assist with social/emotional needs, academic planning, post-secondary career planning, student activities, and incentive initiative programs and as a homeless liaison as well as assistance with any other needs that may arise. I love being a counselor at IntelliSchool, and the students I get to work with daily have been absolutely amazing! On my free time, I enjoy singing with my band, playing roller derby, hiking new exciting trails in AZ, and spending time with my two Chihuahuas Bella and Cheech.

phone -480-648-8266
email –

Stacy Wong
Hello All. My name is Ms. Wong. I have been teaching for over 10 years now. I am a trained special education teacher, which makes me EXTRA special. I also help facilitate all History, Science, and Elective classes offered through our school. A little about me: I’m a self-proclaimed nerd who enjoys gaming, crafting, cooking, and gardening. I’m not very good at any of them, but I enjoy them none the less. I am excited to work with all of you, so don’t be afraid to ask for help.

phone – 480-648-8794
email –

Vincent Coia
My name is Mr. Coia, and I am the English teacher at IntelliSchool (Glendale). This is my second year with IntelliSchool, and it has been my privilege to work with this school and the students. Each day I get the opportunity to share my passion for reading and writing and help our students achieve their academic goals, regardless if it’s for English or another subject. There is truly nothing I would rather be doing for a career! I look forward to helping each student reach their full potential and, along the way, prepare them for the next stage in their life. Fun fact: I love to travel and the most interesting place that I have ever been to would have to be Russia.

phone – 480-712-5489
email –

Jim Buckley
I am Jim Buckley, the Math teacher at IntelliSchool Glendale. I have been teaching for about 20 years and this is my third year at IntelliSchool. I really love what we can do for the students here, setting up a program to help them graduate. As you might expect. I like Math, but I also like all the other subjects and am interested in learning almost anything. What I really love is to read; even though I have hundreds of books in my house, I usually also have a dozen or so checked out from the library.

phone – 602-935-6289
email –