Chandler Contacts

Alondra Poindexter
Greetings, I am Dr. Alondra Poindexter-Belle. This will be my second year as the Principal at IntelliSchool Chandler. I have a doctorate in education leadership from Texas Wesleyan University. This will be my 25th year in education. I have been a special education teacher, 9th grade instructional facilitator, and a graduation coach in the Arlington Independent School District in Arlington, Texas. I believe that every student can learn and that every student has the right to an education and in a learning institution that fits their learning needs. IntelliSchool caters to those students that need a different learning environment and that is what I like about IntelliSchool.

phone – 480-648-5012
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Lorraine Hernandez
Hello to all our Parents, Guardians and Students: My name is Lorraine Hernandez. I am the secretary at the Chandler Campus. This is my 3rd year with IntelliSchool and it has been a blessing to be part of this wonderful team. I have been part of the Chandler community for the past 15 years as an active supporter to all the parents, students and everyone that is willing to support a student’s education. I love that every day is a new day for a new beginning. No matter what has happened in the pasted the future is what matters. The past is our history and we should learn from it. To our future, we rise and shine!

phone – 480-744-9578
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Erica Nemeth
Hello everyone! My name is Erica Nemeth. I am the school counselor at the IntelliSchool Chandler Campus. Many would describe me as quirky or weird, but that is what makes me who I am. My favorite things are Disney, Harry Potter, and Animal Crossing and I am always open to an in depth conversation about any of those topics. I have always wanted to work with students in a school setting and am delighted to be a member of this family. I first discovered IntelliSchool as an intern during my Masters of Social Work Program in ASU. I graduated with my Master’s degree in 2018. I find great joy in assisting students with their post-high school academic and career goals. In addition to planning for graduation, I also support students with their social/emotional needs. Every day I find more reasons to enjoy working with the staff, parents, and students here at IntelliSchool.

phone – 602-529-4217
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Josh Taber
My name is Josh Taber, and I am the math teacher at the Chandler campus of Intelli. I have been teaching here since 2018, and in that time I have learned to really love what I do, and the students that I have been able to work with. I have Highly Qualified in English and Mathematics, but enjoy a lot of other subjects as well. I consider myself a lifelong learner, and am back in school myself. I encourage all my students to always learn new things every day. I make it my main goal to help students overcome their dislike of math by providing a lighthearted atmosphere around the subject. I have seen a huge growth in the amount of work done during my few years here, and I am proud of the kids and am glad to see them work hard.

phone – 623-850-4765
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John Maguire
My name is John Maguire and I’m the current resource teacher at IntelliSchool-Chandler, and I hold a Master of Education degree from University of Phoenix. I’m starting my fifth year with IntelliSchool and I love the environment and flexibility we provide for our students. Overall I have 14 years’ experience and can help with any academic or transition area. I enjoy baseball, bicycling, and another sport that can’t be named here. My wife is also a teacher and we have two adult children and too many animals.

phone – 480-666-7872
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Elaina Luna
Hi, my name is Elaina Luna. I am currently the ELA teacher at the Intelli-School campus located in Chandler. I have my Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature from Arizona State University (ASU). I am currently working on writing my thesis for my Master’s Degree in Linguistics. This is my first year working as a full-time faculty member with Intelli-School. However, when I was an undergraduate at ASU, I actually interned for Intelli-School. I am very thankful to now work as the full-time ELA teacher at the Chandler campus. The staff at the Chandler campus are extremely kind and supportive. I feel really blessed to be a part of such a lovely team. I personally love to teach students; I think it is such a wonderful experience to watch students grow academically, as well as emotionally, throughout the course of a year.

phone – 240-406-7152
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