GED vs High School Diploma

Earn Your High School Diploma at IntelliSchool

At IntelliSchool, we may approach high school a little bit differently, but we take this approach because we don’t believe the traditional high school model is a good fit for everyone. If you’re a student who needs something different, we want to give you options. While we offer a different approach to high school, you earn a traditional high school diploma with IntelliSchool, not a GED.

How a High School Diploma Differs from a GED

A high school diploma is the gold standard to demonstrate you have developed the skills acquired in high school. A GED certificate is awarded to individuals that do not complete high school and are able to pass the General Education Development (GED) test. While most states and many federal programs recognize a GED as being equivalent to a high school diploma, data suggests distinct differences between GED recipients and high school graduates. Consider these points:

  • If your goal is to continue your education beyond high school at a technical school, community college or four-year university, according to the National Bureau of Economic Research thirty-three percent of high school diploma holders receive a bachelor’s degree compared to less than five percent of GED holders
  • If your goal is to join the military, it is more difficult to join with a GED than it is if you have a high school diploma. As a GED holder, you are categorized as a Tier 2 applicant and must work harder to qualify. As a high school graduate, you are categorized as a Tier 1 applicant
  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, on average high school graduates earn about $1,600 more a month than those with a GED

These aren’t the only differences between a high school diploma and a GED. In general, high school graduates more consistently achieve in educational pursuits and have higher lifetime earnings.

If you are eligible to obtain a high school diploma, we encourage you to do so. IntelliSchool can be part of your journey toward high school graduation. If you’re ready to pre-enroll, go ahead. You can also learn about our graduation requirements or registration process.