Cognia / AdvancEd

IntelliSchool is an Cognia/AdvancED accredited public charter high school. Cognia/AdvancED is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that accredits primary and secondary schools throughout the United States. To become accredited, IntelliSchool had to meet a comprehensive list of academic criteria and procedures that contribute to a quality educational experience. IntelliSchool has been accredited by Cognia/AdvancED since 2013.

Accreditation is important to students because it means IntelliSchool credits are transferable to other accredited high schools. Accreditation is also important if you’re considering joining the military or going to college. It’s a verification for any organization that reviews your academic record, but that’s not the only reason it matters.

Here’s what accreditation means for you:

External and Independent Verification

Accreditation is a verification from an outside agency that schools are meeting the promises they have made. Essentially, it means a third-party has reviewed and verified we are who we say we are, and we’re following procedures and protocol to provide a quality learning environment for our students.

Extensive Quality Measurements

To become accredited, schools must meet extensive quality measurements, which is a thorough and lengthy process. We do this to give you confidence when you choose us as your school. It means our school is meeting the standards that have been defined by a highly-reputable organization.

Continual Reviews and Opportunities to Improve

Accreditation isn’t a one-time thing. Once accredited, our work doesn’t end. We continue to meet with accrediting agencies to ensure we are reaching their standards. This is important to you because it means our work is never done, and there’s always an opportunity for us to improve for our students.