Online vs Traditional High School

IntelliSchool is not an online school, and it isn’t a traditional brick and mortar high school either. We are different. We are a public charter high school, and our goal is to combine the best attributes of an online and traditional high school.

How Online and Traditional High Schools Differ

A virtual or online high school is a school where a student attends classes entirely online. It’s typical for students to have access to teachers, aides and tools online to assist with studies, but students typically have limited interactions with teachers if any. Students work at their own pace and can take classes from anywhere. Accreditation varies widely across online schools, and you need to ensure an online school is accredited. Accreditation is important if you are interested in pursuing college or a military career after high school.

A traditional high school is another way to describe your district high school (the one you are assigned to based on where you live). In a traditional high school students are required to attend classes for a longer period of the day. Traditional high school has the most social opportunities for students with events like prom, athletics and regular interaction with students. Some students enjoy this environment, but many others do not and view the social aspect of high school as a distraction. Unlike online high school, traditional high schools are not self-paced. They move at a set pace, and students must keep up to succeed.

How IntelliSchool Approaches High School

At IntelliSchool, we’ve brought together the best aspects of online schooling with the best attributes of traditional high school to create a different experience that is more flexible for students.

Like a traditional high school, our students are required to attend school. But unlike a traditional high school, our students are only required to attend a four-hour school session each day. This reduces the amount of time school takes up in a student’s schedule.

Like an online school, our students predominantly work online to do their coursework at their own pace. But unlike an online school our students are at school while they are learning. This gives them a chance to work with teachers, the principal or tutors one-on-one if they need help. Unlike an online school, we also do in-person group learning.

Like a traditional high school, our students can have a social life. But unlike a traditional high school, students drive the culture of our schools and get involved with as much or as little social activity as they are comfortable. We host a prom and have a graduation ceremony. We host field trips that are based on input from our students. Students can also participate in athletic programs at their district high school while enrolled at IntelliSchool.

Like an online school, our students work at their own pace. But unlike an online school, students interact with teachers and principals every day. Those interactions motivate students and help them maintain their focus so that the responsibility to complete coursework is not solely the responsibility of the student.

Like a traditional school, IntelliSchool is fully accredited, which means our credits are transferrable to other accredited high schools. It also means that our diplomas are recognized by the military and colleges.

If you are interested in learning more about IntelliSchool, get in touch with us and pre-enroll today.